Mid-American Wine Competition Results: Bronze Medal Winners 2011

Mid-American Wine Competition Results

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2011 Bronze Medal Winners

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Ackerman WineryIANiagaraOther Native American Varieties (NAV)
Ackerman WineryIARed RaspberryRaspberry
Acres of Land WineryKYMaggie Adams BlushAny other blush
Adam Puchta WineryMOJazz BerryRaspberry
Adam Puchta WineryMOLegacyBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Adam Puchta WineryMORiefenstahlerConcord
Adam Puchta WineryMORoseAny Rose
Amigoni EstateMOCabernet FrancNone
Baltimore Bend VineyardMOArrowhead RedConcord
Baltimore Bend VineyardMOMO GoldChardonel
Beans Creek WineryTNAproposFood: Chocolate Brownie
Beans Creek WineryTNSyrah ReserveFood: Pizza Margherita
Beans Creek WineryTNTennessee Chambourcin Reserve 2006Food: Marinated Flank Steak
Beans Creek WineryTNTennessee Cynthiana 2006Food: Smoked Pork Ribs
Blumenhof WineryMOMissouri WeinlandVidal Blanc
Blumenhof WineryMORayon DorOther Hybrids
Blumenhof WineryMOSeyvalSeyval Blanc
Breezy Hills VineyardIAGuilty PleasureOther Sweet Dessert Wines
Breezy Hills VineyardIAVignolesVignoles
Carlos Creek WineryMNMarquetteMarquette
Carlos Creek WineryMNMinnesota Nice You Betcha BlushAny other blush
Carlos Creek WineryMNZinfandelZinfandel
Cedar Creek WineryWIOld Mill RedFoch
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIACandlelightChardonnay
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIADemi-SacRiesling
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAHarvest BlushAny other fruit wines
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAHarvest BlushNone
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIALaCrosseLaCrosse
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAReserveBlends in which the primary grape is red vinifera
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIASt CroixFood: Smoked Pork Ribs
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIASt PepinNone
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAWhite Cross Chateau BlancAll other white vinifera
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAWhite Cross Cranberry BogAny other fruit wines
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAWhite Cross Ebenezer LieblichAll other white vinifera
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAWhite Cross Monks RedBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Coopers Hawk Winery & RestaurantIL(fruit series)None
Coopers Hawk Winery & RestaurantILCabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon
Coopers Hawk Winery & RestaurantILGewurztraminerGewurztraminer
Coopers Hawk Winery & RestaurantILPinot NoirPinot Noir
Coopers Hawk Winery & RestaurantILRaspberry WineRaspberry
Coopers Oak WineryMORed  ZinfandelFood: Pizza Margherita
Coopers Oak WineryMOSugar OakFood: Chocolate Brownie
Covered Bridges WineryIACedar BridgeFood: Poached Sole
Covered Bridges WineryIAHogback BridgeFood: Chocolate Brownie
Covered Bridges WineryIARattlesnake RedBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Danish Countryside Vine & WinesIAClassy LadyChardonel
Danish Countryside Vine & WinesIAMisty ThistleBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Danish Countryside Vine & WinesIAPretty Belle PeachPeach
Deja VineIAMidwest BlushAny Rose
Eagle City WineryIABlack Currant WineAny other fruit wines
Eagles LandingIAFrog Hollow ReserveFood: Marinated Flank Steak
Eagles LandingIAPapa CherryCherry
Eagles LandingIARohde RedAny Rose
Eagles LandingIAVolga Lake WhiteFood: Grilled Chicken
Feather River VineyardsNETrinity BlancBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Fireside WineryIABluBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Fireside WineryIAIowa FrontenacFrontenac
Fireside WineryIAIowa SeyvalSeyval Blanc
Fireside WineryIAMatchboxBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Fireside WineryIASerenadeConcord
Garden WineryIACranberry WineOther berry wines
Garvin Heights VineyardsMNGHV FrontenacFood: Marinated Flank Steak
Graue Vineyards/Middle Creek WineryKSCayuga WhiteCayuga White
Harkness Edwards VineyardsKYBig RedFood: Chocolate Brownie
Holy-Field WineryKSCorkys BarrelBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Holy-Field WineryKSSt Francis PortPort Hybrid
Holy-Field WineryKSSt VincentOther Red hybrids
Holy-Field WineryKSTailgate RedBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Holy-Field WineryKSTailgate WhiteBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Huber WineryINCabernet FrancCabernet Franc
Huber WineryINChardonelChardonel
Huber WineryINHeritageBlends in which the primary grape is red vinifera
Huber WineryINSeyval BlancSeyval Blanc
Huber WineryINStarlight WhiteBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Huber WineryINStarlight WhiteNone
Huber WineryINTraminetteTraminette
Jasper WineryIALa CrescentLa Crescent
Kings Crossing Vineyard & WineryIAReserve St CroixSt. Croix
Lavendar CrestILBeachesOther Native American Varieties (NAV)
Lavendar CrestILColona WhiteSeyval Blanc
Lemon Creek WineryMIShirazSyrah or Shiraz
Les Bourgeois VineyardsMORocheportNone
Les Bourgeois WineryMOFleur du VinBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Les Bourgeois WineryMOLaBelleVignoles
Les Bourgeois WineryMORocheportPort Hybrid
Les Bourgeois WineryMOVidal Blanc Collectors SeriesVidal Blanc
Macs Creek VineyardsNELa CrescentLa Crescent
Meranda Nixon WineryOHTraminetteTraminette
Missouri State UniversityMOMaroon BlendBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Montelle WineryMOStonehouse RedBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Montelle WineryMOStonehouse WhiteBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Oliver WineryINBeanBlossom BlushAny Rose
Oliver WineryINCreekbend Vineyard VignolesVignoles
Oliver WineryINZinfandelNone
Parley Lake WineryMNApples & VinesApple
Parley Lake WineryMNArtisan SeriesNone
Parley Lake WineryMNArtisan Series 10Merlot
Parley Lake WineryMNBrianna BreezeBriana
Parley Lake WineryMNFrontenac GrisFrontenac Gris
Parley Lake WineryMNFrontenac RossoFrontenac
Prairie Berry WinerySDChokecherry MedleyOther stone fruits
Prairie Berry WinerySDPhat Hogg ChardonnayChardonnay
Prairie Berry WinerySDPhat Hogg RedOther Red hybrids
Prairie Berry WinerySDPheasant ReserveBlends in which the primary grape is red vinifera
Prairie Berry WinerySDPink SlipAny other blush
Prairie Crossing WineryIAPortfolioFood: Chocolate Brownie
Prairie Moon WineryIAHoney Moon RedConcord
Purple Toad WineryKYBlack & BlueBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Purple Toad WineryKYLaurens BlackberryBlackberry
Purple Toad WineryKYMerlotMerlot
Purple Toad WineryKYPaducah BlueConcord
Purple Toad WineryKYPaducah PeachPeach
PurpleToad WineryKYCabernet SauvignonNone
Reids Livery WineryKYPeachy KeenPeach
Santa Maria Vineyard & WineryIAJeanne d ArcBlends in which the primary grape is red vinifera
Santa Maria Vineyard & WineryIARed TwilightBlends in which the primary grape is red vinifera
Schade Creek Vineyard & WineryIAHarlan HenryOther Red hybrids
Schade Creek Vineyard & WineryIALaguna Aftanoona & SunsetsFoch
Schade Creek Vineyard & WineryIASoul MatesHouse blendes, all from grapes, off dry
Schade Creek Vineyard & WineryIAWine OClock SomewhereEdelweiss
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIAEdelweissSauteed Shrimp
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIAFrontenacFrontenac
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIAMarechal FochFoch
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIAWhisker WhiteOther Native American Varieties (NAV)
St Julian Wine CompanyMIBraganini Reserve  RieslingRiesling
St Julian Wine CompanyMISt J Pinot GrigioPinot Gris (Pinot Grigio)
St Julian Wine CompanyMISt J RieslingRiesling
St. James WineryMOBlackberryBlackberry
St. James WineryMOChambourcinChambourcin
St. James WineryMOStrawberryStrawberry
St. James WineryMOTraminetteTraminette
Stone Cliff WineryIAMoscatoMuscat
Stone Cliff WineryIAPurple CowConcord
Stone Cliff WineryIAWhite Zinfandel Maid Marion BlushAny other blush
Stone Pillar Vineyard & WineryKSBlackberry WineBlackberry
Stone Pillar Vineyard & WineryKSCayugaCayuga White
Stone Pillar Vineyard & WineryKSCayugaFood: Poached Sole
Stone Pillar Vineyard & WineryKSLate Harvest VignolesLate Harvest White - Varietal Hybrid
Stonehaus FarmsMOMissouri PortPort Hybrid
Stonehaus FarmsMOStrother Ridge Apple CranberryAny other fruit wines
Summerset WineryIAMeadHoney Wine - Meads
Summerset WineryIARuby La BellePort Hybrid
Summerset WineryIASeyvalSeyval Blanc
Summerset WineryIAVintage RedBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Tabor Home Vineyards & WineryIAJack Son RedFoch
Tabor Home Vineyards & WineryIAToast of IowaNon Varieties (including hybrids)-Charmat or other Process
Tabor Home Vineyards & WineryIAWild BlackberryNone
Tassel RidgeIACandleglow WhiteFood: Poached Sole
Tassel RidgeIAFinale BlackberryFood: Chocolate Brownie
Tassel RidgeIAIn The DarkFood: Marinated Flank Steak
Tassel RidgeIAIowa BriannaBriana
Tassel RidgeIAIowa EdelweissEdelweiss
Tassel RidgeIAIowa St CroixFood: Smoked Pork Ribs
Tassel RidgeIAIowa St CroixSt. Croix
Tassel RidgeIAIowa White BlossomEdelweiss
Tassel RidgeIAPink CatawbaCatawba (red)
Train Wreck WineryIAGandy Dancer Seyval BlancSeyval Blanc
Train Wreck WineryIAOaken Tie Seyval BlancSeyval Blanc
Train Wreck WineryIARed Caboose ChambourcinChambourcin
Two Saints WineryIAIowa NoiretOther Red hybrids
Uncle Johns Cider MillMIFranc-N-BerryBlends in which the primary grape is red vinifera
Uncle Johns Cider MillMIHard Cider AppleSparkling from Non-Grapes
Wabash Wine CompanyIABluebird ExpressBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape