Mid-American Wine Competition Results: Gold Medal Winners 2011

Mid-American Wine Competition Results

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2011 Gold Medal Winners

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Ackerman WineryIABlackberryBlackberry
Ackerman WineryIARieslingRiesling!Dr. Dick Peterson Trophy: Best Iowa Wine
Adam Puchta WineryMOBerry BlackBlackberry
Adam Puchta WineryMONortonCynthiana/NortonSweepstakes Nominee
Adam Puchta WineryMOBrutNon Classic Varieties (Including hybrids) - Methode Champenoise
Adam Puchta WineryMOTraminetteTraminetteBest White Wine
Augusta WineryMORiver Valley WhiteBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Augusta WineryMOReserve RedBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Augusta WineryMONortonCynthiana/Norton
Baltimore Bend VineyardMOMo GoldNone
Beans Creek WineryTNTennessee ChardonelFood: Grilled Chicken
Blumenhof WineryMOGoldblumenLate Harvest White - Varietal Hybrid
Blumenhof WineryMOValvin MuscatOther HybridsSweepstakes Nominee
Brigadoon WineryWIKiss Me Kate Strawberru WineStrawberrySweepstakes Nominee
Carlos Creek WineryMNMarquetteNone
Cedar Creek WineryWIWaterfall RieslingRiesling
Cedar Creek WineryWIVidalVidal BlancSweepstakes Nominee
Cedar Ridge VineyardIA(all)None
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAEdelweissEdelweiss
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIALa CrescentLa CrescentBest Iowa Grown Wine
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAReserveFood: Marinated Flank SteakBest Food Pairing Wine
Cedar Valley WineryIASeyvalSeyval BlancSweepstakes Nominee
Coopers Hawk Winery & RestaurantILVidal Blanc Ice WineIce Wine - varietal hybridBest Dessert Wine
Eagles LandingIAJust PeachyPeach
Feather River VineyardsNEEdelweissEdelweiss
Garden WineryIAEdelweissEdelweiss
Harkness Edwards VineyardsKYVat 32 ViognierFood: Poached Sole
Harkness Edwards VineyardsKYVat 32 ViognierViognier
Harkness Edwards VineyardsKYVat 32 ViognierNone
Harkness Edwards VineyardsKYVat 32: ViognierNone
Holy-Field WineryKSChambourcinChambourcinSweepstakes Nominee
Holy-Field WineryKSLate Harvest VignolesLate Harvest White - Varietal Hybrid
Huber WineryINGenerationsBlends, primary grape is a red hybridSweepstakes Nominee
Huber WineryINKnobstone ReservePort HybridSweepstakes Nominee
Huber WineryINVignolesVignolesSweepstakes Nominee
Huber WineryINRaspberry Dessert WineNone
Jasper WineryIAAll Night WhiteNone
Les Bourgeois VineyardsMOVidal BlancNone
Les Bourgeois VineyardsMO(collector's series)None
Les Bourgeois WineryMOSolayNone
Macs Creek VineyardsNEBriannaBriana
Macs Creek VineyardsNEEdelweissEdelweiss
Macs Creek VineyardsNECeltic AireLaCrosse
Macs Creek VineyardsNEPinkys CranberryOther berry wines
Meranda Nixon WineryOHNortonCynthiana/Norton
Miletta Vista WineryNEEdelweissEdelweissSweepstakes Nominee
Missouri State UniversityMONortonCynthiana/NortonSweepstakes Nominee
Montelle WineryMORiver Country WhiteBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grapeSweepstakes Nominee
Montelle WineryMOSeyval BlancSeyval Blanc
Oliver WineryINSoft White WineBlends in which a NAV is the primary grapeSweepstakes Nominee
Oliver WineryINHarvest Flavors MangoHoney Wine - Meads
Oliver WineryINMoscatoNone
Oliver WineryINCamelot MeadNone
Oliver WineryIN(fruit wines)None
Parley Lake WineryMNMarquetteMarquetteSweepstakes Nominee
Prairie Berry WinerySDRed Ass RhubarbAny other fruit winesBest Fruit Wine
Prairie Berry WinerySDBlue Suede ShoesBlends in which the primary grape is red viniferaBest Off Dry Red Wine
Prairie Berry WinerySDBriannaBriana
Prairie Berry WinerySDCalamity JaneConcord
Prairie Moon WineryIAEdelweissEdelweiss
Reids Livery WineryKYBlack RaspberryFood: Chocolate Brownie
Sand Hill VineyardsOKNortonCynthiana/Norton
Santa Maria Vineyard & WineryIARingneck RedBlends in which the primary grape is red vinifera
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIAEdelweissEdelweiss
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIAEdelweissFood: Grilled Chicken
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIABoule de PoilsFood: Poached Sole
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIASven RedFood: Smoked Pork Ribs
St. James WineryMOCherryCherry
Stone Hill WineryMOPink CatawbaCatawba (red)
Stone Hill WineryMOChambourcinChambourcin
Stone Hill WineryMONortonCynthiana/NortonBest Dry Red Wine
Stonehaus FarmsMOStrother Ridge VignolesVignolesSweepstakes Nominee
Stonehaus FarmsMOMissouri PortNone
Summerset WineryIAIowa FrontenacFrontenac
Summerset WineryIAFestivaNon Varieties (including hybrids)-Charmat or other ProcessBest Sparkling Wine
Tassel RidgeIAOskyfizzante WhiteBlanc de Blanc
Tassel RidgeIARed, White, & BlueConcord
Tassel RidgeIAStar Spangled WhiteEdelweiss
Tassel RidgeIAIowa Prairie SnowIce Wine - Hybrid blends
Tassel RidgeIAPizzeria and Pasta Too!Food: Pizza Margherita
Wollersheim WineryWIPrairie BlushAny other blushBest Rose/Blush Wine
Wollersheim WineryWIWhite RieslingRiesling