Mid-American Wine Competition Results: Silver Medal Winners 2011

Mid-American Wine Competition Results

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2011 Silver Medal Winners

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Ackerman WineryIAAppleApple
Ackerman WineryIADry CranberryAny other fruit wines
Ackerman WineryIAPinot GrigioPinot Gris (Pinot Grigio)
Ackerman WineryIAPinot GrigioPinot Gris (Pinot Grigio)
Acres of Land WineryKYConcordConcord
Acres of Land WineryKYWillie Maes BlackberryBlackberry
Adam Puchta WineryMOAnniversary PortPort Hybrid
Adam Puchta WineryMOChardonelChardonel
Adam Puchta WineryMOHunters RedBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Adam Puchta WineryMOMisty ValleyBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Adam Puchta WineryMONorton Vintners ReserveCynthiana/Norton
Adam Puchta WineryMOSignature PortPort Hybrid
Augusta WineryMOChambourcinChambourcin
Augusta WineryMOChardonelChardonel
Augusta WineryMORiver Valley RedBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Augusta WineryMOSeyval BlancSeyval Blanc
Augusta WineryMOTraminetteTraminette
Augusta WineryMOVidal BlancVidal Blanc
Augusta WineryMOVignolesVignoles
Baltimore Bend VineyardMOSweet BeginningsCatawba (white)
Beans Creek WineryTNTennessee Chardonel ReserveFood: Poached Sole
Beans Creek WineryTNTraminetteSauteed Shrimp
Blumenhof WineryMODevils Den RedBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Blumenhof WineryMOFemme OsageTraminette
Blumenhof WineryMOKatys BlushAny other blush
Blumenhof WineryMOLa CharretteBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Blumenhof WineryMOOriginal CynCynthiana/Norton
Blumenhof WineryMOVignolesVignoles
Breezy Hills VineyardIAMisbehavinAny other blush
Breezy Hills VineyardIASassy GirlBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Brigadoon WineryWIAutumn FireAny other fruit wines
Brigadoon WineryWIRaspberry WineRaspberry
Brush Creek WineryIAWhateverBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Carlos Creek WineryMNCabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon
Carlos Creek WineryMNFrontenacFrontenac
Carlos Creek WineryMNMinnesota Nice Wobegon WhiteBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Cedar Creek WineryWIPinot GrigioPinot Gris (Pinot Grigio)
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIABriannaBriana
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIACabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIACandlelightFood: Poached Sole
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIALa CrosseFood: Pizza Margherita
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIALaCrescentSauteed Shrimp
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAMarechal FochFoch
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAPortNone
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAPort Lot #9Port Hybrid
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIASt PepinLate Harvest White - Varietal Hybrid
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAWhite Cross Knights RedBlends in which the primary grape is red vinifera
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAWhite Cross Mittler KabinettCayuga White
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAWhite Cross OktoberfestRiesling
Cedar Ridge VineyardsIAWhite Cross Stormy NightPort Hybrid
Cedar Valley WineryIALa CrosseLaCrosse
Coopers Hawk Winery & RestaurantILVidal Blanc Ice WineNone
Covered Bridges WineryIACedar BridgeBlends in which a NAV is the primary grape
Covered Bridges WineryIAEdelweissEdelweiss
Covered Bridges WineryIAEdelweissFood: Grilled Chicken
Covered Bridges WineryIALaCrescentLa Crescent
Covered Bridges WineryIASt CroixFood: Marinated Flank Steak
Covered Bridges WineryIASt CroixSt. Croix
Danish Countryside Vine & WinesIASugar & SpiceLate Harvest White - Hybrid Blends
Danzinger VineyardsWIWaumandee WhiteLa Crescent
Deja VineIAIowa Marechal FochFoch
Eagle City WineryIACranberry WineOther berry wines
Eagles LandingIACampfire HootchOther berry wines
Eagles LandingIARhode RedFood: Smoked Pork Ribs
Eagles LandingIASerenityFood: Chocolate Brownie
Eagles LandingIASerenityOther Sweet Dessert Wines
Eagles LandingIASummer CrushFrontenac Gris
Eagles LandingIASummer CrushFood: Poached Sole
Eagles LandingIASweet RubyConcord
Famous Fossil Vineyard & WineryILCrescent Moon White WineLa Crescent
Feather River VineyardsNEAlleloBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Feather River VineyardsNESt CroixSt. Croix
Fireside WineryIASparkAny other blush
Garden WineryIABriannaBriana
Garden WineryIAMoonlight ArborBlends in which a NAV is the primary grape
Garvin Heights VineyardsMNGHV Marquette RoseFood: Smoked Pork Ribs
Garvin Heights VineyardsMNRiverport RosePort Hybrid
Glacial Till Vineyard & WineryNELa CrosseLaCrosse
Grape Escape WineryIARileigh RedFood: Chocolate Brownie
Grape Escape WineryIASimply RedNone
Holy-Field WineryKSChambourcinChambourcin
Holy-Field WineryKSYogi Berry BlackberryBlackberry
Huber WineryINRaspberryOther Sweet Dessert Wines
Huber WineryINStarlight RedChambourcin
Huber WineryINValvin MuscatLate Harvest White - Varietal Hybrid
Jasper WineryIAEdelweissEdelweiss
John Ernest Vineyard & WineryIAMainline RedBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Lanthier WineryINChautauquablumchenCatawba (white)
Lanthier WineryINFestival CherryCherry
Lavendar CrestILColona RedMerlot
Lemon Creek WineryMIGrands Lacs BlancVignoles
Lemon Creek WineryMIGrands Lacs RougeChancellor
Lemon Creek WineryMIRieslingRiesling
Les Bourgeois WineryMOJeunette RougeBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Les Bourgeois WineryMONorton ReserveCynthiana/Norton
Les Bourgeois WineryMOSolayBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Les Bourgeois WineryMOVignoles-Traminette Collectors SeriesBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Macs Creek VineyardsNEBuzzards Roost BlushAny other blush
Macs Creek VineyardsNEMacs LanternFrontenac
Macs Creek VineyardsNESpring MistAny other blush
Miletta Vista WineryNEBriannaBriana
Miletta Vista WineryNEPrairie BlushFrontenac Gris
Miletta Vista WineryNEWork HorseNone
Missouri State UniversityMOChambourcinChambourcin
Missouri State UniversityMOPink CatawbaCatawba (red)
Montelle WineryMOChambourcinChambourcin
Montelle WineryMOChardonelChardonel
Montelle WineryMOCynthianaCynthiana/Norton
Montelle WineryMODry VignolesVignoles
Montelle WineryMORiver Country RedBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Oliver WineryINCamelot MeadHoney Wine - Meads
Oliver WineryINHarvest Flavors Black CherryHoney Wine - Meads
Oliver WineryINHarvest Flavors SangriaHoney Wine - Meads
Oliver WineryINHarvest Flavors StrawberryHoney Wine - Meads
Oliver WineryINMoscatoMuscat
Oliver WineryINMoscatoNone
Oliver WineryINSauvignon BlancSauvignon or Fume Blanc
Oliver WineryINShirazSyrah or Shiraz
Oliver WineryINSoft Red WineConcord
Oliver WineryINZinfandelZinfandel
Orchard Country Winery & MarketWIApple WineApple
Orchard Country Winery & MarketWIDoor County SparkleSparkling - grapes blended with fruits or herbs
Parley Lake WineryMNArtisan Series 10 Limited EditionBlends in which the primary grape is red vinifera
Parley Lake WineryMNLa CrescentLa Crescent
Prairie Berry WinerySDLawrence ElkOther berry wines
Prairie Crossing WineryIAWagon Trail RedSt. Croix
Prairie Crossing WineryIAWindswept WhiteCayuga White
Prairie Moon WineryIABlushing MoonAny other blush
Prairie Moon WineryIAMoon Beam WhiteOther Native American Varieties (NAV)
Prairie Moon WineryIAPrairie SauterneBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIAAmerican ChardonelChardonel
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIABoule de PoilsOther Hybrids
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIACat NipOther Hybrids
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIAFrontenacFrontenac
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIAFrontenac DessertPort Hybrid
Snus Hill Vineyard & WineryIASven RedAny Rose
St Julian Wine CompanyMIBraganini Reserve  Pinot GrisPinot Gris (Pinot Grigio)
St Julian Wine CompanyMIBraganini Reserve  Sauvignon BlancSauvignon or Fume Blanc
St Julian Wine CompanyMIBraganini Reserve  TraminetteTraminette
St Julian Wine CompanyMIBraganini Reserve Blanc de NoirBlanc de Noir
St Julian Wine CompanyMIBraganini Reserve ChardonnayChardonnay
St Julian Wine CompanyMIBraganini Reserve SyrahSyrah or Shiraz
St. James WineryMOCynthianaCynthiana/Norton
St. James WineryMOPeachPeach
St. James WineryMORaspberryRaspberry
St. James WineryMOVignolesVignoles
Stone Cliff WineryIACabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon
Stone Cliff WineryIARed FoxOther Red hybrids
Stone Cliff WineryIARieslingRiesling
Stone Cliff WineryIASweet Cherry WineCherry
Stone Hill WineryMOConcordConcord
Stone Hill WineryMODry RoseAny Rose
Stone Hill WineryMOTraminetteTraminette
Stone Hill WineryMOVignolesVignoles
Stone Pillar Vineyard & WineryKSJoceaux Red WineBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Stone Pillar Vineyard & WineryKSJoceaux Red WineFood: Smoked Pork Ribs
Stone Pillar Vineyard & WineryKSPrairie Star BlushAny other blush
Stonehaus FarmsMOMissouri PortNone
Stonehaus FarmsMOStrother Ridge ChambourcinChambourcin
Summerset WineryIACaba MochBlends, primary grape is a red hybrid
Summerset WineryIAHarvest WhiteCatawba (white)
Summerset WineryIAIowa De ChaunacDe Chaunac
Summerset WineryIAIowa Marechal FochFoch
Summerset WineryIAKiss MeBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Summerset WineryIAPink FrostBlends in which a hybrid is the primary grape
Summerset WineryIAVidal BlancVidal Blanc
Tabor Home Vineyards & WineryIACheery CherryCherry
Train Wreck WineryIAKate ConcordConcord
Two Saints WineryIACynCynthiana/Norton
Two Saints WineryIACynNone
Two Saints WineryIAIowa EdelweissEdelweiss
Uncle Johns Cider MillMIFranc-N-CherryBlends in which the primary grape is red vinifera
Uncle Johns Cider MillMIHard Cider Apple CherrySparkling from Non-Grapes
Uncle Johns Cider MillMIHard Cider PerrySparkling from Non-Grapes
Wabash Wine CompanyIAChancellorChancellor
Warehouse WineryMN(all)None
Wide River WineryIAMs DMeanor WhiteSauteed Shrimp
Wide River WineryIAPursuit of HappinessFood: Chocolate Brownie
Wollersheim WineryWIDry RieslingRiesling
Wollersheim WineryWIPrairie FumeSeyval Blanc
Wollersheim WineryWIPrairie Sunburst RedFoch