Mid-American Wine Competition Results: Medal Winners Listed by Category/Varietal 2012

    Medal Winery Wine Sweepstakes Award
    All other varietal red Hybrids
    Silver Farm House Bella
    Silver Sabrevois
    All other varietal white Hybrids
    Silver Bills Bridge
    Silver Steinberg White
    Bronze Iowa Semi Sweet White
    Bronze Radiance
    Bronze St. Pepin
    Bronze Cat Nip
    Bronze Whisker White
    Bronze Bluebird Express
    Bronze Villard Blanc
    Bronze Melody
    All other varietal white Vinifera
    Bronze White Cross Cellars Chateau Blanc
    Bronze Gruner Veltliner
    All other white varietal Native American Varieties (NAV)
    Bronze Petite Amie
    All Rose or Blush blends in which Hybrid grapes dominate
    Silver Racy Red
    Silver Sunset Blush
    Bronze You Betcha Blush
    Bronze Rose
    All Rose or Blush blends in which NAV grapes dominate
    Silver Pink Catawba
    Bronze Misbehavin
    Bronze Caba Moch
    Bronze Soft Rose
    All Rose or Blush wine-specific Hybrid is the primary grape
    Gold Frontenac Rose !Dr. Dick Peterson Best Iowa Appellation Award - Sponsored by the Iowa Wine and Beer Promotion Board
    Gold Frontenac Rose
    Gold Rougeon Rose
    Gold Stony Creek Rose
    Gold Creekbend Vineyard Chambourcin Rose Best Rose
    Silver Blushing Moon
    Silver Kitten
    Silver Swenson Red
    Silver Blushing Bonnie
    Silver Frontenac Rose
    Silver Rose
    Silver Sarabande
    Silver Prairie Blush
    Bronze Francescas Folly
    Bronze Marquette
    Bronze Amo Te
    Bronze Sweet Charlotte
    Bronze Pink Slip
    All Rose or Blush wine-specific NAV is the primary grape
    Silver Moonlight Arbor
    Any other fruit wine
    Gold Rhubarb
    Gold Campfire Hootch
    Gold Autumn Fire
    Silver Black Currant
    Silver Strother Ridge Apple Cranberry
    Silver Tickle Me
    Silver Good Old Summertime
    Bronze Lambkin
    Bronze Apple Cranberry
    Bronze Black Sota
    Silver Apple Wine
    Bronze Beanblossom Hard Cider
    Bronze Crab Apple
    Gold Blackberry Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Blackberry
    Bronze Blackberry
    Bronze Augies Blackberry
    Blanc de Blanc
    Gold Blanc de Blancs Best Sparkling
    Blanc de Noir
    Gold Blanc de Noirs
    Blends in which a red Hybrid is the primary grape
    Gold Sweet Licks
    Gold Tailgate Red
    Gold Cock of the Walk
    Gold Hot Dish Red
    Gold Steepleview Best Off Dry Red
    Gold Kate Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Rohde Red
    Silver Farm House Blues
    Silver Serenade
    Silver Big Red
    Silver CCW Cuvee
    Silver Reserve Red
    Silver Devils Den Red
    Silver Jeunette Rouge
    Silver Steinberg Red
    Silver Capitol View Red
    Silver Rogers Red
    Bronze Crimson & Clover
    Bronze Cow Catcher
    Bronze First Kiss
    Bronze Corkys Barrel
    Bronze Joceaux
    Bronze River Valley Red
    Bronze River Country Red
    Bronze Gypsy Red
    Bronze Clares Wine
    Bronze Badlands
    Blends in which a red NAV is the primary grape
    Silver Maroon Blend
    Silver Roadhouse Red
    Bronze Signature Red
    Bronze Autumns Blush
    Bronze Mollie
    Blends in which a red Vinifera is the primary grape
    Silver White Cross Cellars Knights Red
    Silver Reserve Red
    Bronze Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
    Bronze Meritage
    Blends in which a white Hybrid is the primary grape
    Gold Cedar Bridge
    Gold Caboose Sweepstakes Nominee
    Gold Taste the Sun Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver BLU
    Silver Glo
    Silver Prairie Sauterne
    Silver Sun Kiss
    Silver Tailgate White
    Silver Adams Choice
    Silver Misty Valley
    Silver Regale
    Bronze Melange
    Bronze White Cross Cellars Ebenezer Lieblich
    Bronze Aspok
    Bronze Meadowlarks Song
    Bronze Wobegon White
    Bronze River Valley White
    Bronze Plan B
    Bronze River Country White
    Bronze Nobleis Blanc
    Gold Blues Fest
    Silver Blueberry
    Bronze Blueberry Delight
    Gold Farm House White
    Gold Brianna
    Gold American Brianna Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Brianna
    Silver Brianna
    Silver Brianna
    Silver Iowa Brianna
    Silver Brianna
    Bronze Twilight White
    Bronze Glow
    Bronze Brianna
    Bronze Brianna
    Cabernet Franc
    Gold Cabernet Franc
    Silver Cabernet Franc
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Silver Cabernet Sauvignon
    Bronze Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
    Catawba (Red)
    Gold Catawba
    Gold Pink Fox
    Gold Pink Catawba Sweepstakes Nominee
    Cayuga White
    Bronze White Cross Cellars Mittler Kabinett
    Gold Chambourcin Reserve
    Gold Chambourcin
    Gold Chambourcin Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Chambourcin
    Silver Sven Red
    Silver Chambourcin
    Silver Creekbend Vineyard Chambourcin
    Silver Chambourcin
    Silver Chambourcin
    Silver Chambourcin
    Silver Strother Ridge Chambourcin
    Bronze Chambourcin
    Bronze Chambourcin
    Silver 1836
    Bronze Autumn Red
    Gold Chardonel
    Silver 2011 Chardonel
    Silver Chardonel
    Silver Barrel Select Chardonel
    Bronze 2010 Chardonel
    Bronze 2009 Chardonel
    Silver Braganini Reserve Chardonnay
    Bronze Chardonnay
    Gold Cherry
    Silver Sweet Cherry
    Bronze Cheery Cherry
    Silver Soft Red
    Silver Concord
    Silver Calamity Jane
    Bronze Sweet Ruby
    Gold Legacy
    Gold Norton
    Gold Norton Sweepstakes Nominee
    Gold Norton Estate Sweepstakes Nominee
    Gold Norton Owners Reserve Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Cynthiana
    Silver Norton Vitners Reserve
    Silver Estate Bottled Norton
    Silver Cynthiana
    Bronze Norton
    Bronze Norton
    Bronze Original Cyn
    Bronze Norton
    Bronze Norton
    Bronze SHV Norton
    De Chaunac
    Gold Horizon
    Gold Sweeter than Springtime Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Edelweiss
    Silver Edelweiss
    Silver Edelweiss
    Silver Edelweiss
    Silver Edelweiss
    Silver Edelweiss
    Silver Star Spangled White
    Silver Edelweiss
    Bronze Edelweiss
    Bronze Edelweiss
    Bronze Weggy White
    Gold Red Velvet
    Gold Prairie Sunburst Red Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Marechal Foch
    Silver Oceana Red
    Silver Bon Vivant
    Silver Domaine du Sac
    Bronze Eric The Red
    Food: Chocolate Brownie
    Gold Pursuit of Happiness
    Gold Chococherry Kiss
    Silver Serenity
    Silver Red Raspberry Framboise
    Silver Port
    Silver Northern Lights
    Bronze Choco Berry
    Bronze Frontenac
    Bronze Apropos
    Food: Grilled Chicken
    Gold Sarabande
    Gold Tennessee Chardonel
    Silver Edelweiss
    Bronze Roseman Bridge
    Bronze Volga Lake Blush
    Bronze Barbera
    Food: Grilled Hamburger
    Gold Red Twilight
    Gold Country Red
    Silver Volga Lake Red
    Silver Farm House Bella
    Silver Tennessee Chambourcin Reserve
    Bronze Ditchweed Red
    Bronze St. Croix
    Food: Marinated Flank Steak
    Gold Frontenac
    Gold Felony Red
    Silver Frog Hollow
    Bronze Syrah
    Bronze Frontenac
    Bronze Syrah Reserve
    Food: Poached Sole
    Gold Riesling
    Silver Chardonel
    Silver Tennessee Chardonel Reserve
    Bronze Pinot Grigio
    Bronze Seyval
    Bronze Unity Chardonnay
    Food: Sauteed Shrimp
    Gold Farm House Le Blanc
    Gold BLU
    Gold Traminette
    Silver Chardonnay
    Silver Boule de Poils
    Bronze Edelweiss
    Bronze Soul Mates
    Food: Smoked Pork Ribs
    Gold Marquette
    Silver Rohde Red
    Silver Barbera
    Silver Eric The Red
    Bronze Virgo Moon
    Bronze Sven Red
    Food: Strawberries with Crème Anglais
    Gold Gewurztraminer
    Gold Strawberry Rhubarb
    Silver Francescas Folly
    Silver Mi Amor
    Bronze Brianna
    Bronze Creme de la Creme Blanc
    Bronze Spinna
    Bronze Redneck Rose
    Bronze Aurora
    Gold Frontenac
    Gold Frontenac Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Frontenac
    Bronze Frontenac
    Bronze Frontenac
    Bronze Country Red
    Bronze Barn Quilt Red
    Frontenac Gris
    Gold Frontenac Gris Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Frontenac Gris
    Silver Frontenac Gris
    Silver Frontenac Gris
    Bronze Frontenac Gris
    Bronze Cottontail
    Fruit wines blended with other products (Mint, Honey, etc.)
    Silver Autumn Blend
    Silver Lovers Wine
    Silver Jazz Berry
    Silver Berry Black
    Silver Chococherry Kiss
    Silver Strawberry Rhubarb
    Silver Raspberry Blanc
    Bronze Honey Moon
    Bronze Beanblossom Hard Cider-Raspberry
    Bronze Beanblossom Hard Cider-Strawberry
    Bronze Sangria Classic
    Bronze White Sangria
    Bronze Cherry Pie
    Bronze Cranberry Blanc
    Bronze Chocolate Paradise
    Bronze Blackberry Blend
    Silver Gewurztraminer
    Bronze Gewurztraminer
    Grape wines belnded with fruit wine
    Gold American Pride
    Silver Harvest Blush
    Silver Rhubarb Crsip
    Silver Blue Suede Shoes
    Bronze Northern Lights
    Bronze Nathan John
    Honey Wine - Meads
    Silver Camelot Mead
    Silver Sweet Mead
    Ice Wine Hybrid
    Gold Vidal Blanc Ice Wine Best Dessert Wine
    Iced Wine Hybrid
    Silver Prairie Snow
    La Crescent
    Gold La Crescent Best Off Dry White
    Silver Iowa LaCrescent
    Silver Lakeside White
    Bronze La Crescent
    Bronze La Crescent
    Bronze Boule de Poils
    Bronze La Crescent
    Bronze La Crescent
    Bronze La Crescent
    Bronze La Crescent
    Gold LaCrosse
    Silver Dusty Road
    Silver 2 Brothers
    Bronze La Crosse
    Late Harvest White Hybrid
    Gold St. Pepin
    Silver Late Harvest Seyval
    Late Harvest White Vinifera
    Silver Gewurtztraminer
    Gold Marquette
    Gold Marquette
    Gold Marquette Best Dry Red
    Silver Marquette
    Bronze Marquette
    Bronze Marquette
    Bronze Marquette
    Gold Artisan Series 11
    Silver Merlot
    Silver Merlot
    Bronze Five Seasons
    Gold Moscato
    Gold Valvin Muscat
    Gold Creme de la Creme Blanc
    Silver Niagara
    Gold Harlan Henry Sweepstakes Nominee
    Non Classic Varieties (Including hybrids) - Methode Champenoise
    Gold NY 76
    Gold Dollface Rose
    Gold Brut
    Gold Sweet Nancie
    Gold Stereo Sweepstakes Nominee
    Gold Cremant Classic Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Heirloom
    Silver frankens french hybrid Brut
    Silver Vidal Blanc Brut
    Bronze Vidal Blanc Doux
    Bronze Talismon
    Non Classic Varieties (including hybrids)-Charmat or other Process
    Gold Song of the Vine
    Silver M. Lawrence Green
    Silver Sparkling Moscato
    Silver Brut
    Bronze Sparkling Frontenac Gris
    Other berry wines
    Gold Cranberry
    Gold Healthy Harvest
    Gold Cranberry Crush Best Fruit Wine
    Silver Crimson Cranberry
    Silver Cranberry
    Silver Cranberry
    Silver Cranberry
    Bronze Colorpoint
    Bronze White Cross Cellars Cranberry Bog
    Bronze Cranberry
    Bronze Cranberry
    Bronze black Currant
    Other stone fruits
    Silver Plum
    Silver Apricot
    Bronze Wild Plum
    Other Sweet Dessert Wines derived only from grapes
    Gold Framboise
    Bronze Spinna
    Bronze Mostavo
    Silver Peach
    Bronze Peach
    Bronze Just Peachy
    Pino Gris (Pinot Grigio)
    Silver Pinot Grigio
    Silver Braganini Reserve Pinot Gris
    Bronze Pinot Grigio
    Bronze Pinot Grigio
    Bronze Pinot Grigio
    Port Style Hybrid
    Gold Frontenac
    Gold Sawmill Sweet
    Silver Port Lot 12
    Silver Anniversary Port
    Silver Volume 1
    Silver Frontenac
    Silver Captains Mistress
    Bronze White Cross Cellars Stormy Night
    Bronze Ruby La Belle
    Bronze Maximum Port
    Bronze Signature Port
    Bronze Port
    Bronze Tropasti
    Gold Red Raspberry
    Gold Black Razzy
    Silver Raspberrry
    Bronze Raspberry
    Bronze Raspberry
    Bronze Raspberry
    Gold Riesling
    Gold Dry Riesling Best Dry White
    Gold Riesling Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Demi-Sec
    Silver Riesling
    Silver White Riesling
    Bronze Riesling
    Bronze Riesling
    Bronze Braganini Reserve Riesling
    Bronze Reserve Late Harvest Riesling
    Gold Oskyfizzante Pink
    Silver Sparkling Rose
    Seyval Blanc
    Gold Sundaze
    Silver Seyval Blanc
    Silver Seyval Blanc
    Silver Gandy Dancer
    Silver Oak Tie
    Silver Wooden Axle
    Silver Seyval
    Silver Seyval Blanc
    Silver Seyval Blanc
    Bronze Seyval Blanc
    Bronze Seyval
    Bronze Catch of the Day
    Bronze Colona White
    Bronze Seyval
    Bronze Lighthouse White
    Bronze Seyval Blanc
    Bronze Prairie Fume
    Gold 1855
    Silver Solar Cream Sherry
    Sparkling from Non-Grapes
    Bronze My Faire Lady
    St. Croix
    Silver Iowa Dry St. Croix
    Silver St. Croix
    Bronze Pinicon Red
    Bronze St. Croix
    Bronze St. Croix
    St. Vincent
    Bronze St. Vincent
    Bronze Ghetto Fab
    Bronze Steuben
    Syrah or Shiraz
    Gold Shiraz Reserve Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Ruby Shiraz
    Bronze Braganini Reserve Syrah
    Gold American Traminette
    Gold Ham House Traminette
    Gold Traminette
    Gold Traminette Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Traminette
    Silver Creekbend Vineyard Traminette
    Silver Traminette
    Bronze Front Porch
    Bronze A- Golden Light Traminette
    Bronze Sweet Temptation
    Bronze Traminette
    Bronze Traminette - Sweet
    Vidal Blanc
    Gold Vidal Blanc
    Gold La Belle V(ie) Sweepstakes Nominee
    Silver Creekbend Vineyard Vidal Blanc Reserve Sweetened
    Silver Vidal Blanc
    Silver Missouri Weinland
    Silver Baril de Blanc
    Bronze Vidal Blanc - Dry
    Gold Vignoles
    Gold Kaw River Rhine
    Silver Wine O Clock Somewhere
    Silver Vignoles
    Silver Grands Lacs Blanc
    Silver Vignoles
    Silver Ravat 51
    Silver Dry Vignoles
    Silver Vignoles
    Silver Vignoles
    Silver Strother Ridge Vignoles
    Bronze Vignoles - Semi Dry
    Bronze Viognier
    White blends in which a white NAV is the primary grape
    Gold Soft White