2017 Medal Winners Listed by Winery

    Medal Wine Vintage Category State Sweepstakes
    Ackerman Winery
    American Catawba IA
    Cranberry & Apple IA
    Iowa Edelweiss IA
    Peach IA
    Red Raspberry IA
    Red Raspberry IA
    Rhubarb IA
    American Catawba IA
    Edelweiss IA
    Strawberry IA
    Sweet Cranberry IA
    Adam Puchta Winery
    1855 MO
    Desire MO
    Norton 2010 MO
    Cats Meow MO
    Dry Vignoles MO
    Norton 2009 MO
    Signature Port MO
    Vignoles MO
    Amigoni Urban Winery
    Cinsaut 2015 MO
    Urban Drover 2015 MO
    Annelise Winery
    Iowa Vignoles IA
    Iowa Brianna IA
    Iowa St Croix IA
    Apple Barn Orchard & Winery
    Country Rhubarb WI
    Big Buck Blueberry WI
    Stawberry Jewel WI
    Ardon Creek Vineyard and Winery
    Artesian White IA
    Commission Man Red IA
    Old Brick Red IA
    Lace Curtain White IA
    Aubrey Vineyards
    Valvin Muscat 2016 KS
    Premiere Chambourcin Rose KS
    Traminette KS
    Augusta Winery
    2016 Estate Bottled Vignoles 2016 MO
    Estate Bottled Norton 2014 MO
    2016 Chardonel 2016 MO
    2016 Seyval Blanc 2016 MO
    Estate Bottled Chambourcin 2014 MO
    2016 Estate Bottled Vidal Blanc 2016 MO
    Vintage Port 2013 MO
    Backcountry Winery
    American Vignoles IA
    Lovers Loop IA
    Baltimore Bend Vineyard
    Sweet Beginnings 2016 MO
    Vignoles 2015 MO
    C2 2015 MO
    Beans Creek Winery
    Apropos TN
    Sparkling Rose TN
    Blue Sky Vineyard
    Chambourcin 2015 IL
    Chambourcin Reserve 2013 IL
    Rose 2016 IL
    Seyval 2016 IL
    Vintners Select 2016 IL
    Blumenhof Winery
    2016 Seyval 2016 MO
    La Charrette MO
    Rayon D Or 2016 MO
    Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 MO
    Chambourcin 2015 MO
    Devils Den Red MO
    Original Cyn 2015 MO
    Utopia 2016 MO
    Botham Vineyards
    Badger Blush WI
    Big Stuff Red WI
    Cupola WI
    2016 Field 3 2016 WI
    Blonde Rocks WI
    Vin 10 Semi-Dry WI
    Brigadoon Winery
    Autumn Fire WI
    Ambrosia WI
    Good Old Summertime WI
    Raspberry WI
    Summer Hummer WI
    Buchanan House Winery, L.L.C.
    Sparkling Edelweiss IA
    Sweet Buchanan IA
    Field Blush IA
    Marquette Reserve IA
    Sparkling Corot Noir IA
    Buzzed Bee Meadery, Inc.
    Sweet Bee Lemon Mead IA
    Aronia IA
    Blackberry Ginger IA
    Triple Buzz IA
    Cades Cove Cellars
    Cabernet Sauvignon TN
    Firefly TN
    Rustic Cabin Red TN
    Smoky Mountain Sunrise TN
    Blackberry TN
    Chardonnay TN
    Fall Bounty TN
    Carlos Creek Winery
    Frontenac 2014 MN
    Frontenac Blanc 2016 MN
    Marquette MN
    Minnescato MN
    Petit Ami 2016 MN
    Vidal Blanc American 2015 2015 MN
    Wobegon White MN
    Harvest White 2015 MN
    Cedar Creek Winery
    2016 Gewurztraminer 2016 WI
    2016 Pinot Grigio 2016 WI
    2016 Waterfall Riesling 2016 WI
    Cedar Ridge Vineyards
    Brianna IA
    Edelweiss IA
    Reserve White IA
    White Port, Lot 2 IA
    Apple Brandy IA
    Apple Mead IA
    Blanc de Blanc IA
    Brandy IA
    Clearheart Gin IA
    Clearheart Vodka IA
    Double Oak Reserve IA
    Falcon Hill Red IA
    Howdys Apple Pie IA
    Pear Brandy IA
    Reserve Red IA
    White Cross Cellars Cranberry Bog IA
    White Cross Cellars Ebenezer Lieblich, Semi-Sweet IA
    White Cross Cellars Knights Red IA
    White Cross Cellars Sweet Carol Wine IA
    American Port, Lot 21 IA
    Demi Sec IA
    Five Seasons IA
    Frontenac IA
    La Crescent IA
    White Cross Cellars Mittler Kabinett Semi-Dry IA
    White Cross Cellars Oktoberfest IA
    Cellar 426
    Linoma Lighthouse NE
    Uplifting NE
    Vignoles NE
    Soleil 2015 NE
    Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery
    Dew Drop Brut Rose MN
    La Crescent 2016 MN
    Minnesota Marquette 2015 MN
    Petite Colline 2015 MN
    Chatueu St. Croix Winery & Vineyard
    Marco V Port Reserve 2013 WI
    Wisconsin Red (Marquette) 2015 WI
    2015 Chardonnay 2015 WI
    2016 Seyval Blanc 2016 WI
    Minnesota White (Frontenac Gris) 2016 WI
    Ciccone Vineyard & Winery
    Pinot Blanc 2016 2016 MI
    Lee La Tage 2016 MI
    Pinot Grigio 2016 2016 MI
    Coral Cellars Micro-Winery
    Infinity IA
    Marquette 2016 IA
    Serenity IA
    2016 Coral Red 2016 IA
    Esprit IA
    Covered Bridges Winery
    Cedar Bridge IA
    Marechal Foch 2015 IA
    2016 Seyval Blanc 2016 IA
    Edelweiss 2015 IA
    Francescas Folly IA
    Hogback Bridge IA
    LaCrescent 2015 IA
    Rattlesnake Red IA
    Roseman Bridge IA
    Holliwell Bridge IA
    Marquette 2016 IA
    Dancing Dragonfly Winery
    Lindy WI
    Ballroom WI
    Christines CanCan - Reserve WI
    Marquessa 2015 WI
    Sashay WI
    Jete WI
    Tap Dance WI
    Danenberger Family Vineyards
    Desagace Carmin Reserve 2013 IL
    Desagace Rouge 2013 IL
    Danzinger Vineyards
    Cresent Moon WI
    Mississippi Mist "Sweet" WI
    Danzinger White Dry WI
    Golden Sunrise Semi-Sweet WI
    Domaine Berrien Cellars
    Cabernet Franc 2015 MI
    2016 Sweet Seyval Blanc 2016 MI
    Pinot Noir 2015 MI
    Dubuque Heritage Winery
    Eagle Point IA
    Town Clock IA
    Washington Park Cherry IA
    Cable Car IA
    Ham House IA
    Ham House IA
    Rivertown Raspberry IA
    Shot Tower Red IA
    Shot Tower Red IA
    Riverwalk Rose IA
    Duck Creek Vineyard and Winery
    Muscovy Duck 2016 WI
    Blackberry WI
    Cabby Wood Duck 2016 WI
    Chardy Wood Duck 2016 WI
    Noiret 2016 WI
    Razzin WI
    Strawberrylicious WI
    Eagles Landing
    Outstanding Red IA
    Sassy Cindys Wild Rhubarb IA
    Sweet Ruby IA
    Lit L Sippi IA
    Outstanding Red IA
    Serenity IA
    Volga Lake Blush IA
    Campfire Hootch IA
    Easley Winery
    Sweet Tulip Red IN
    No Opposition 2016 American Chardonnay 2016 IN
    No Opposition Red Blend IN
    Sweet Barrel Red IN
    Sweet Tulip Moscato IN
    Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 IN
    Reggae Sangria IN
    Sweet Tulip Pink Moscato Reserve IN
    Edelbrand Pure Distilling
    Edelbrand vinars da plogas MO
    Edelbrand vinars d apricosas MO
    Edelbrand vinars da vin MO
    Edelbrand vinars da meila MO
    Elmaro Vineyard
    Chambourcin WI
    La Crescent WI
    St Pepin 2015 WI
    Sweet Cheeks WI
    Vidal Blanc WI
    Falling Waters Winery
    Green with Envy WI
    Pinot Gris WI
    Under the Cherry Tree WI
    Feather River Vineyards
    La Crescent 2016 NE
    Red Neck Blush 2016 NE
    Sarabande NE
    Candlelight NE
    Fireside Winery
    BLU IA
    Storyteller IA
    Frontenac Gris 2016 IA
    Hearthstone IA
    Iowa Frontenac 2015 IA
    Forgotten Fire Winery
    Some Oak on the Water WI
    Hillside Winery
    Shiraz OH
    Holy-Field Winery
    Amitie KS
    Late Harvest Vignoles KS
    Chambourcin KS
    Over the Rainbow Raspberry KS
    Seyval KS
    Tailgate White KS
    Vignoles KS
    Cynthiana KS
    Melody KS
    Tailgate Red KS
    Yogi-Berry KS
    Illinois Sparkling Company
    Brut 2014 IL
    Brut Ombre Rose 2013 IL
    Demi Sec Rose IL
    Sec 2014 IL
    Indian Island Winery
    Fontenac Blanc MN
    Marquette MN
    Island Smoke MN
    Prairie Wind MN
    Jasper Winery
    Front Porch IA
    Jennings Winery
    Just Peachy Apricot IA
    Lil Boy Blu IA
    Razzy D IA
    Lanthier Winery
    Mill Street Red IN
    Rivertown White IN
    Chautauquablumchen IN
    Festival Cherry IN
    Laurentia Vineyard and Winery
    Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Stoltz Block 2015 OH
    2015 Estate Pinot Gris 2015 OH
    2016 Estate Gewurztraminer, Small Lot - Limited Re 2016 OH
    Estate Rose 2016 OH
    2016 Estate Clone 90 Riesling 2016 OH
    Les Bourgeois Winery
    Norton 2014 MO
    Fleur Du Vin MO
    Moscato MO
    Solay 2015 MO
    Vignoles/Traminette Collectors Series 2015 MO
    2016 Chardonel 2016 MO
    Semi-Sweet Vignoles 2015 MO
    M Cellars
    2016 Pinot Gris 2016 OH
    2016 Reserve Chardonnay 2016 OH
    Dry Rose 2016 OH
    Meritage 2015 OH
    Mackinaw Trail Winery
    Blueberry MI
    2015 Unrestricted Crowd-Sourced Riesling 2015 MI
    2016 Pinot Gris 2016 MI
    Blackberry MI
    Late Harvest La Crescent 2016 MI
    Unrestricted Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 MI
    Unrestricted Cuvee No 7 2013 MI
    White Ibis MI
    2015 Unrestricted Barrel Reserve Chardonnay 2015 MI
    2016 Blanc de Blanc 2016 MI
    2016 Traminette 2016 MI
    2016 Unrestricted Sauvignon Blanc 2016 MI
    Cabernet Merlot 2013 MI
    Kinky Pink Rosato Sweet MI
    Pinot Noir 2015 MI
    Madigan Winery LLC
    Perry 2016 IA
    Minhas Winery
    Dragons Tears Grand Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon WI
    Dragons Tears Grand Reserva Syrah WI
    Dragons Tears Glacial White WI
    Dragons Tears Grand Reserva Chenin Blanc WI
    Dragons Tears Grand Reserva Sauvignon Blanc WI
    Dragons Tears Raspberry WI
    Dragons Tears Cranberry WI
    Dragons Tears Grand Reserva Merlot WI
    Missouri State University
    Chambourcin 2016 MO
    Norton 2016 MO
    Chambourcin Reserve 2016 MO
    Montelle Winery
    2016 Seyval Blanc 2016 MO
    2016 Chardonel 2016 MO
    2016 Dry Vignoles 2016 MO
    Chambourcin 2016 MO
    Norton 2014 MO
    Morgan Creek Vineyard
    Bison Blu MN
    Noboleis Vineyards
    2016 Vignoles 2016 MO
    Chambourcin 2016 MO
    2016 Brut Rose 2016 MO
    2016 Dry Vignoles 2016 MO
    2016 Steepleview 2016 MO
    Noboleis Blanc 2016 MO
    Traminette 2016 MO
    North Folk Winery
    Frontenac MN
    Raspberry Wine MN
    Cranberry Wine MN
    NorthLeaf Winery
    Chenic Blanc WI
    Roundabout Red WI
    Roundabout Red WI
    Paradocx Vineyard LLC
    2016 Pinot Grigio 2016 PA
    Merlot 2015 PA
    Parley Lake Winery
    Artisan Series 14 2014 MN
    Brianna Breeze MN
    Frontenac Gris 2015 MN
    Lake View White 2016 MN
    2016 Barn Quilt Red 2016 MN
    Frontenac Dessert Wine Limited Edition 2013 MN
    Frontenac Rosso 2016 MN
    Marquette 2016 MN
    Pecan Creek Winery
    Barrel Reserve 2015 Chambourcin 2015 OK
    Private Reserve Vignoles 2016 2016 OK
    Pomona Winery
    Golden IL
    Golden Oak Aged Reserve IL
    Jonathan IL
    Kir IL
    Once In A Blue Moon Blueberry Dessert Wine IL
    Orchard Harvest IL
    Orchard Spice IL
    Jonathan Oak Aged Reserve IL
    Prairie Crossing Winery
    Edelweiss IA
    One Night Stand IA
    Wagon Trail Red IA
    Windswept White IA
    Revasser Winery
    Walker Homestead Pick Me 2016 IA
    2015 Reverie 2015 IA
    Hunters Reserve IA
    l Etoile IA
    Mesmerize 2016 IA
    Summer Breeze IA
    Ridgewood Winery
    Olde Orchard PA
    Ridgewood Cabernet Franc PA
    Fredonia PA
    Robller Vineyard
    Semi-Dry Vidal Blanc MO
    Norton 2011 MO
    Semi-Sweet Vignoles MO
    Round Lake Vineyards & Winery
    Brianna 2016 MN
    Marquette Reserve 2015 MN
    The Drake 2014 MN
    The Gander 2013 MN
    Cruisin Red MN
    Cruisin Wild MN
    Frontenac Gris 2016 MN
    La Crescent 2015 MN
    Zinfandel 2014 MN
    Snus Hill Vineyard & Winery
    Edelweiss IA
    Spinna IA
    Cat Nip IA
    Sven Red IA
    Whisker White IA
    Soldier Creek Winery
    La Crescent 2015 IA
    Brianna 2016 IA
    Frontenac 2016 IA
    Goldenrod 2016 IA
    St Croix 2016 IA
    St Pepin 2016 IA
    Marquette Reserve 2016 IA
    Paragon Pink 2016 IA
    Rubra 2016 IA
    Spirits of Norway Vineyard
    Brianna WI
    Marquette WI
    Stone Pillar Vineyard & Winery
    Hofftoberfest KS
    Nokota 2016 KS
    Joceaux KS
    Redneck Rose KS
    Summerset Winery
    Iowa Edelweiss IA
    Vidal Blanc IA
    Iowa Concord IA
    Iowa Vignoles IA
    Tabor Home Vineyards & Winery
    Cranberry Whistle IA
    Moonlight White IA
    Tassel Ridge
    Candleglow White IA
    Candleglow White IA
    Iowa St Croix Rose 2013 IA
    Blackberry IA
    Brianna 2016 IA
    Cranberry Wine IA
    Edelweiss 2016 IA
    Iowa Candleglow White IA
    Merlot IA
    Oskyfizzante Pink IA
    Oskyfizzante Pink IA
    Oskyfizzante Red IA
    Edelweiss 2016 IA
    In the Dark IA
    Iowa White Blossom IA
    St Croix Rose 2013 IA
    Sweet Roxie Red IA
    The Blind Horse Winery
    2016 Pinot Grigio 2016 WI
    Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 WI
    Dam Sire 2014 WI
    Tuscan Blend 2015 WI
    The Cellar Winery at White Oak
    BIN 400 Saint Gnilseir 2016 IA
    BIN 600 Marquette 2015 IA
    BIN 300 La Crescent 2016 IA
    The Winery At Kirkwood
    2015 Blue Bell Sparkling Wine 2015 IA
    2015 La Madeliina Sparkling Wine 2015 IA
    2016 Masters Cuvee 2016 IA
    Aronia Berry Dessert Wine 2016 IA
    Foch Dessert Wine 2016 IA
    Four Point Oh 2015 2015 IA
    Masters Cuvee Blanc 2016 IA
    Summer Sabbatical 2016 IA
    Tongue River Winery
    Tonque Tied MT
    poire epices d or MT
    Sweetie Pie MT
    Warm Front 2016 MT
    Cherry Pie MT
    Haskap (Honeysuckle Fruit) MT
    Train Wreck Winery
    Gandy Dancer Semi-Sweet IA
    Kate IA
    Caboose Sweet IA
    Twelve Oaks Vineyard
    Cayuga White Reserve 2016 IL
    Chambourcin Rose 2016 IL
    Flight of the Red Baron 2015 IL
    Hummingbird Dance 2016 IL
    Vignoles 2016 IL
    Two Saints Winery
    Espiritu IA
    Noiret IA
    Revelations Red IA
    Villa Antonio Winery
    Goccia d Oro MO
    West Winery
    107 Vine Chambourcin 2015 MO
    Signature Red MO
    Sweet Blackberry Wine MO
    107 Vine Chambourcin 2014 MO
    White Tail Run Winery
    Vignoles KS
    Chambourcin Oak KS
    LaCrosse KS
    White Winter Winery
    North Seer Spirits Apple Mist WI
    North Seer Spirits Divine Fire WI
    North Seer Spirits Shadow Mist WI
    Wide River Winery
    Sweet Justice IA
    First Degree IA
    Winneshiek Wildberry Winery
    Brianna Breeze IA
    Farmers Daughter IA
    Winnie Wonka IA
    Redhead Red IA
    With the Wind Vineyard & Winery
    American Moscato 2016 SD
    Raspberry Table Wine SD
    Wollersheim Winery
    Blushing Rose WI
    Dry Riesling 2016 2016 WI
    White Riesling 2016 2016 WI
    Prairie Fume 2016 2016 WI
    Dry Rose 2016 WI
    Wooden Wheel Vineyards
    Full Bore Steel Horse Wine IA
    McCulleys Dessert Wine 2016 IA
    Charity Mae IA
    Fire Wine Steel Horse Wine IA
    Kickstart Steel Horse Wine IA
    Zoom Steel Horse Wine IA