Why Enter the Mid-American Wine Competition?


Why Enter? 

Regional Focus » The Mid-American Wine Competition (MAWC) is focused on the central portion of the USA. The unique climate and cultivars of this region receive recognition. This provides information to wine drinkers about what wines excel in their area.

Influential Judges » The MAWC team is a group of internationally recognized judges from diverse backgrounds. They are experts in their field.

Information » Find out how your wines compare to similar wines in your region.

Awards » Wineries will receive high quality medals for use to display in their tasting rooms.

Promotion » Press releases are provided to the local media of participating wineries. The awards your wines receive will provide a link to your winery on the MAWC website.

Interaction » Throughout the MAWC we will be providing feedback on the competition via Twitter. This will provide instant feedback on general information about the flights of wine as they are judged.

Food-Wine Pairing » This is how wine is used in the real world, to be enjoyed with food. Provides real world application of wine judging. The winery hand selects what dishes they believe will complement their wines and provides a reflection of the wine and the skill of the winery to the consumer by suggesting how their wines be used.

Watch these videos to learn more about the Mid-American Wine Competition.