Wine Categories

Wine Categories :: Mid-American Wine Competition 

Sparkling Wines 

Methode Champenoise
201.  Blanc de Blanc
202.  Blends
203.  Non Classic Varieties (including hybrids and NAV)
204.  Blanc de Noir
205.  Rose

Charmat or Other Process
206.  Blanc de Blanc
207.  Blends
208.  Non classic varieties (including hybrids and NAV)
209.  Blanc de Noir
210.  Rose
211. Sparkling from non-Grapes
212. Sparkling—grapes blended with fruits, herbs, etc.


White Wines
301. Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio)
302. Sauvignon or Fume Blanc
303. Viognier
304. Riesling
305. Muscat
306. Gewürztraminer
307. Chardonnay
308. All other varietal white Vinifera
309. Blends in which a white Vinifera is the primary grape

321. Seyval Blanc
322. Chardonel
323. Vidal Blanc
324. Vignoles
325. LaCrosse
326. La Crescent
327. Edelweiss
328. Brianna
329. Traminette
330. Valvin Muscat
331. St. Pepin
332. Geisenheim
333. Frontenac Blanc
334. Frontenac Gris
335. Niagara
336. Cayuga (White)
337. Catawba (White)
338. All other varietal white Hybrids
339. Blends in which a white Hybrid is the primary grape
340. All other white varietal Native American Varieties (NAV)
341. White blends in which a white NAV is the primary grape
342. Muscadine


Red Wines
101. Pinot Noir
102. Syrah or Shiraz
103. Cabernet Franc
104. Merlot
105. Malbec
106. Cabernet Sauvignon
107. Petite Sirah
108. Zinfandel
109. All other varietal red Vinifera

112. Blends in which a red Vinifera is the primary grape

120. Noiret
121. Marquette
122. Chambourcin
123. Maréchal Foch
124. De Chaunac
125. Frontenac
126. St. Croix
127. St. Vincent
128. Chancellor
129. Steuben
130. Cynthiana/Norton
131. Petite Pearl​

135. Catawba (Red)
136. Concord

140. All other varietal red Hybrids
141. Blends in which a red Hybrid is the primary grape
142. All other red varietal NAV
143. Blends in which a red NAV is the primary grape
144. Grape wines blended with other products (Mint, Honey, etc.)


351. All Rose or Blush wine in which a specific Vinifera variety is the primary grape
352. All Rose or Blush blends in which Vinifera grapes dominate
353. All Rose or Blush wine in which a specific Hybrid is the primary grape
354. All Rose or Blush blends in which Hybrid grapes dominate
355. All Rose or Blush wine in which a specific NAV is the primary grape
356. All Rose or Blush blends in which NAV grapes dominate 

Dessert Wines
401. Late Harvest White Vinifera
402. Late Harvest White Hybrid or NAV
403. Late Harvest Red Vinifera
404. Late Harvest Red Hybrid or NAV
405. Ice Wine Vinifera
406. Ice Wine Hybrid or NAV
407. Iced Wine Vinifera
408. Iced Wine Hybrid or NAV
409. Other Sweet Dessert Wines derived only from grapes
410. Port style Vinifera
411. Port style Hybrid or NAV
412. Sherry-flor Vinifera
413. Sherry-flor Hybrid or NAV
414. Cream Sherry Vinifera
415. Cream Sherry Hybrid or NAV
416. Sherry-other
518. Fortified Fruit Wines


Fruit Wines
501. Grape wines blended with fruit wine and fruit concentrates
502. Apple and apple based fruit blends
503. Blackberry and blackberry based fruit blends
504. Blueberry and blueberry based fruit blends
505. Cherry and cherry based fruit blends
506. Cranberry and cranberry based fruit blends
507. Peach and peach based fruit blends
508. Pear and pear based fruit blends
509. Raspberry and raspberry based fruit blends
510. Rhubarb and rhubarb based fruit blends
511. Strawberry and strawberry based fruit blends
512. Other non-blended berry wines
513. Other none-blended stone fruits
514. Any other non-blended fruit wines
515. Fruit wines blended with other products (Mint, Honey, etc.)
516. All Fruit wine blends
517. Honey Wine- Meads
518. Fortified Fruit Wines​ 


530. Fruit based eau-de-vie or white spirit
531. Grape based clear spirit
532. Fruit based liqueur
533. Grape based liqueur
534. Vodka or other unaged grain based white spirit
535. Flavored Vodka
536. Gin
537. Anise spirit/Absinthe
538. Brandy
539. Flavored brandy
540. Grappa
541. Flavored white spirit
542. Other unclassifiable spirit


Please Note: Judges are provided the cultivar(s) of those wines entered in to the ‘Other’ Categories, if the winery has provided that information to us.


Hybrid—Grape varieties that are the product of a crossing of two or more Vitis species. For the ease of categorizing wines in this wine competition, please submit any non-categorized hybrids that are primarily Vitis labrusca parentage, as NAV.

NAV—Native American Varietals. Grape varieties with primarily Vitis labrusca parentage.

Late Harvest Wine—Late harvest wine is a general term for wine which has been made from grapes harvested late in the growing season, allowing them to ripen more and produce larger concentrations of sugar.

Ice Wine—A type of wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine.

Iced Wine—A type of wine produced from grapes frozen in any setting other than on the vine. ​​​