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Wine Judges: Mid-American Wine Competition

Glenn BardgettGlenn Bardgett
Wine Director
Annie Gunn's and Smokehouse Market

From his days of wine study at the University of Hawaii, he worked in the retail side of the wine business for 30 years, beginning at 905 Stores in St. Louis in the mid-70s. He co-owned the Wine Cellar for nearly 12 years, and then spent four years supervising the wine program at the Brown Derby Wine Cellar in Town & Country. In 2001, Glenn made the move to expand his experience by entering the restaurant service area of wine with his move to Annie Gunn’s and Smoke House Market.

Glenn has taught wine appreciation courses for Meramec Community College for over 15 years and at the Kemper Center at the Missouri Botanical Garden. He has been a member of the Missouri Wine and Grape Board for over 15 years, as well as Marketing Chairman for the Board. He has been an experienced wine judge in local, national and international competitions for many years. He is a member of many wine organizations and has written for several publications. He hosted a weekly wine chat on America Online for eight years.

Most recently, Glenn was a contributor to the Kelly Twins series, “Twice Baked” which airs daily on Charter Communications Network on Channel Three. Glenn also writes the monthly column “Libation” for Sauce Magazine in St. Louis.

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