Food-Wine Pairing

​​ Food-Wine Pairing: Mid-American Wine Competition 

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The Mid-American competition includes a blind tasting of wines with food, allowing wineries the opportunity to have their wines judged against carefully selected, food friendly dishes. This is the only competition in the United States to offer this format. “Typically wine competitions judge wines only against other wines. And typically the biggest wine wins. But wine is supposed to be consumed with food. So we’re going to judge these wines in a setting more conducive to wines of balance, and by judging the wines with food we think we’ll see a different outcome than the usual “Bigger is Better” response, said Chief Judge Doug Frost.

Traditionally, competitions judge a series of wines from the same category; essentially, the wine is evaluated in the context of other similarly styled wines. But the Mid-American Wine Competition has implemented the Food-Wine Pairing Competition in order to evaluate wines based on synergism and appropriateness with food. The style of wine that might receive acclaim in a traditional competition may be different from the style of wine that perfectly matches with a variety of foods.

The wines selected will be matched with one of the following dishes. Each winery should select the dish that corresponds to their wine and alongside of which the wine should be tasted. This year's food choices have been simplified to allow more straightforward choices for wineries seeking to highlight their wines in the best possible light.

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