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Wine Judges: Mid-American Wine Competition

Chef Lori DowieChef Lori Dowie
Executive Chef, DMACC Instructor

Chef Lori Dowie is a third-generation family member in a long line of restaurateurs and caterers in the Greater Des Moines area. She literally grew up in the kitchens, cooking under the tutelage of her father and grandfather.

In the two years she spent at DMACC earning her Culinary Arts degree, she won two gold medals in the VICA Culinary Skills Olympics State Competition and two silver medals in the VICA Culinary Skills Olympics National Competition. Following her graduation from DMACC with honors in 1984, Chef Dowie became the corporate executive chef for Kirke-VanOrsdale Insurance Inc. in Des Moines. She later became executive chef at the Metz Corporation and established the Metz Continental Cuisine Restaurant.

In 1985 she served an apprenticeship with Jonathan Waxman at the famous New York City Restaurant, Jam's. A year later she returned to DMACC as executive chef and instructor at DMACC, specializing in international cuisine. She quickly began adding her mark as the program expanded. In 1988, she was instrumental in adding international culinary arts to DMACC’s program when she helped establish a culinary exchange program between Lyvee Professional Hotelier of St. Etienne, France, and DMACC. Now this international French Chefs program is a central training jewel for DMACC’s Culinary Arts students.

She is faculty advisor to the junior culinary team at DMACC and has been a DMACC executive chef instructor for more than 20 years.

Honors and awards:

  • Honored as one of the Celebrated Chefs of Des Moines
  • Diplome d' Honneur Confrerie de la marmite or Ambassadrice de la cuisine Francais (highest honor diploma given by the French–a limited number of chefs are awarded this, so few in fact that one must pass on before the diploma may be presented to another chef).

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